Samsung HAFEX Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter

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Samsung kitchen appliances are built to please the eye as much as they do the palate. Carefully designed products are made to ensure that your kitchen not only looks great, but that every cooking need will be taken care of.
  • Large replacement water filter
  • Works with the following fridge models: RS22, RS24, RS26, RS27, RS29, RSG5FURS, RSA1DTPE, RSA1DTMG, RSH7PNRS, RSH7PNTS, RSH7PNSW, RS21HFLMR, RS21HFTTS, RS21HDTIS, RS21HDTTS, RS21HFTPN, RS21HDTPN
  • These filters are provided for convenience only, the fridges themselves are not listed