Redragon HARROW Wireless X/D-input(Digital/Analog) PC Controller Black

SKU: RD-G808

Sale priceR 599


Make collisions more realistic with the new Harrow Wireless X/D-input PC Controller. Latest PC games use Xinput as an API (which is not supported by most old model controllers). This controller is compatible with Windows 7/8/10. The Harrow ensures effective use of weapons in shooter game, making this PC controller the best high-speed controller money can buy. You will always make the right move in any gaming situation. The Harrow provides true freedom of movement, allowing complete immersion into the gaming process.


  • Two analogue joysticks allow to play more games, such as football simulators

  • 8-way D-Pad

  • Extremely durable rubberized coating (Soft touch): Special non-slip coating and ensures firm grip

  • 7m operation range

  • Built-in rechargeable battery

  • Vibration feedback: Makes collisions more realistic (if the game supports vibration feedback of game controller)


  • Connection type: Wireless radio

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation3, PC (Dinput and Xinput)

  • Interface: USB 2.0

  • Hat switch: 4

  • Buttons: 12 buttons, 2 mini-joystics

  • Vibration feedback: 2 built-in vibration motors

  • Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

  • Power supply: Li-Ion battery

  • ROHS/CE: Yes

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