Finlux 55 DLED FHD Touch Overlay 24/7 LFD


Sale priceR 8,599


This overlay converts your PDM series digital display into a touchscreen - opening up a world of opportunities to your business or institution.


  • Plug 'n Play - allowing for fast and easy setup, no calibration required. Simply attach the overlay and connect it to the LFD (Large Format Display) to gain Touch Control over your device.

  • Preconfigured for both landscape and portrait view. Anti-Glare/Tempered Glass - The Touch Overlay is reinforced with Tempered glass and covered with an anti-glare layer to provide maximum strength and convenience.

  • Specifically designed for each model in Finlux's PDM series.

  • 10-point Touch response - Use up to 10 fingers simultaneously on the screen. With Palm-detection, the device will recognize when a palm is being rested on the overlay and will ignore its inputs to prevent conflicting touch responses.

  • Compatible with Oktopus Educational Whiteboard software, making this an ideal educational tool in schools or other academic institutions.

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