DJI Ronin-S Universal Mount

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The DJI Ronin-S Universal Mount is designed to be mounted on a car, a jib, or a cable cam system. Simply install the Ronin-S to a carrier that features 1/4"-20 holes. The design is equipped with two LEMO power ports, and also includes a lengthy D-Tap cable that powers up the gimbal. Once the gimbal has been mounted to the Universal Mount from DJI, operate the cable from the Universal Mount to the optional Dual TB50 Battery Mount with batteries. Additionally, other DJI approved cables will also give you access to connect corresponding devices, to supply power to send commands to the Ronin-S.
  • Mount Ronin-S on Cars, Jibs & Cable Cams
  • LEMO Ports for Running Power to Gimbal
  • LEMO to D-Tap Cable Included