DIY Metal Harvester

SKU: 816B-154

Sale priceR 119


  • The product is meticulously crafted, molded by metal die-casting, and subjected to a rigorous surface treatment process, with good hand feeling and sense
  • The mechanical design science of the connecting part makes the assembled works have a good fit.
  • Achieve good operability, leaving the operator more ideas and creativity
  • Product needs to be assembled according to the instructions, enjoy the process of assembly, so fun
  • The product design is novel and unique, the design is smart and reasonable, the production process is exquisite, small and unique, with good ornamental and decorative.
  • After assembly, it can be used as a collection of exquisite physical models or artistic ornaments, or as a gift for craft gifts.
  • Through the process of mechanical assembly, children or teenagers 5 years of age and older can exercise the flexibility of the fingers and cultivate the logical thinking ability, imagination and practical ability of the brain. It also trains and guides machinery to create interest and ability. It is a good partner for children and teenagers to grow up

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